Konnichiwa – Visions

Konnichiwa – Visions (rbbd005- LP, mp3) 

On “Visions” Konnichiwa takea an upbeat Italo-style shimmer and combine it with catchy hooks, emotionally complex lyrical imagery, and a touch of spaced-out reverie. It’s hard to pinpoint one exact era or genre that the two draw inlfuence from; 70’s synthpop, 80s Italo, and 90s house all feel equally at home on this record. The cosmos are a major theme throughout Visions, in both lyrical subject and aural metaphor. D.V. constructs a loosely knit web of synth-lines and throbbing bass that maintains a framework for Kaela’s wild and playful vocals- the overall effect being a huge and spacious energy to each song.

LP ($12):
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